Crescendo- #WWP

Sammi Cox is the host for the Weekend Writing Prompt where we have to write a prose/poem within the specified wordcount. The theme this week is Crescendo- 37 words. When twilight whispers and evening rants became midnight's shout for justice;men in towers planned their feasts, other's plight ignored.As voices reached new crescendo, dragons were flown... Continue Reading →

August of My Dreams

The August of my dreams, had blood splattered on its seams But the tri-colour had flown so high, as our nascent nation like a butterfly Had spread its wings, ready for the golden springs. All our martyrs who were slain, on the path to freedom gain Their ideals have been left behind, for the new... Continue Reading →

Blood and Death

In silence I witnessed, Strips of flesh torn aside, Bloody footprints running beside; Swords and sticks cast away, As pale corpses littered the way. In silence I witnessed, Their dying breaths struggling to escape this world, As blood-lust comes flooding into my town; The unseen darkness flickering inside, These mundane men ravaging into the night.... Continue Reading →

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