Sapphire Stardust

Image from Unsplash Crafted in precision, a galactic compositionOmnipotent, He vivified this everlasting creationSetting the stage, sentience to civilization.Macrocosm, prodigious; just beyond our cognizanceOmniscient, they harbour fathomless sapienceSapphire Stardust, glittering their presence. Written for Eugi's Weekly Prompt- Cosmos and Go Dog Go Cafe's Tuesday Writing Prompt- Sapphire Stardust. © 2020, Cozy Quiet Corner.

Morning Hike with Sister

Brenda squeezed her eyes in pain, as she gingerly placed her left foot on the ground. Her decision to walk to the 'HealthLicious' Summit had seemed like a good idea last night, breaking in her new grey running shoes. "Serves you right," Brie smirked, leaning against her bicycle. "Told you to wear mom's boots for... Continue Reading →

Trees- #100WW

Standing below the trees, in the woods behind my resort, I breathed in the fresh air. Away from my hectic life full of commitments and deadlines, I felt the surrounding silence soothe my soul. The cool breeze stirred the leaves, as though coaxing them of old secrets. Bracket branches, reach for the sky;Awaken viridians, rushling... Continue Reading →

Colours of Cosmos #WDYS

Written for Sadje's What Do You See #47. Does this picture inspire you to write something? I've experimented while writing this poem and in each line, I've tried to include a word starting with 'C'Looking at this picture, I imagined the colours as though they were born from white and black; painting the world in... Continue Reading →

Autumn Leaf Farewell

Image by Zach at Unsplash When death comes for meI shall be free,Rigor shall set its paceWhen last sparks peter out in grace. Adorn me not in jewelsNor cover the corpse with blooms,Stage me not in a roomLet there not be gloom. Worn by temporal painI left to dance in the rain;These invisible scars in... Continue Reading →

Secrets of the Sand- #WDYS

Image credit: Dan Grinwis- Unsplash These mysteries, secrets and liesLay buried in the sands of timeAwait their moment to rise. Death, trailing in the shadowed disguiseJudges our paths begrimeThese mysteries, secrets and lies. Jewels, gems and most prized dimesThat men sought, lost to torrid climeAwait their moment to rise. Broiling, the land where water driesMirages,... Continue Reading →


Image by Greg at Unsplash Rains are the way, the heaven cleansAway, the strains of a hot summer's dayInhaling the petrichor, I lounge by the doorNot to miss, as you emerge through the clouds.Basking in the misty sun's raysOh, all your colourful waves displayedWhat a splendid vistas you make. Written for Paula's Thursday Inspiration #72-... Continue Reading →

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