Rose Blossom Frost

Photo by Juanjo Menta on It was much debated,the doom befalling the world;Would it end in icy white,or yield to dark raging fire? But beyond the realms of passionand the reach of cold cunning;Lies a field forgotten,bathed in streaks of grey. And in there resides,these creations of colours;The ones beyond the norm,that fail to be... Continue Reading →


Photo by Pixabay on These moments in timea turn of the seasonWhen summer's fallen asleepand winter's yet to awaken. Into fall's handsfalls the yellow leaves Carried by autumn's breezea faint scent of monsoon bygone. As the frosty months of darknessloom above those hillsThe weakened sun slips bycasting a pallor bleak. So rejoice in the... Continue Reading →

The Sun and The Moon

These two poems were inspired by Go Dog Go Caf├ęs Tuesday Writing prompt- Catch the sunlight and Free Verse Revolution's August Writing prompt- Half moon shadows. Image from pixabay Sun and moonTwo halves of a whole;Eternally separatedUnited in farewell.The dusk bids adieuTo a weary dipping sun;As the twinkling twilight starsEmerge on a purpling sky.Dawn heralds... Continue Reading →

A Clouded Sky- #writephoto

A clouded sky Shading the vast fields of lush green A clouded sky Casting shadows on hills nearby Tranquility, the nature's mien And the heaven's mood can be seen A clouded sky Written for Sue Vincent's Thursday Photo Prompt- Clouded. Inspired by my friend Nima at The_Tenth_Zodiac, this is my first attempt at writing a... Continue Reading →

Mel’s Forest Adventure- #WDYS

Image credit- Lewis Roberts- Unsplash They were in a forest. Like literally in a forest. Could you believe it? I mean who wants to go camping in a forest for their holidays? Her family, that's who. "It's safe here, honey" her dad had reassured her while they were unloading their bags from the rented van.... Continue Reading →

Our Storm

Image by Michael at Unsplash Gathering at the horizon, much awaited and delayed; The storm of revolution, swept through this land frayed. Rattling the windows and shaking the foundations; Of giant buildings made, with blooded sweat as adhesions. Long silenced and oppressed, their voices clamoured unbound; Like gales howling for justice, to bring down the... Continue Reading →

3LineTales #6- Picture

Her grandfather had taken this picture, of a locale known for its natural beauty; back when the Earth was still resplendid and thriving. Indigo dissipating from the sky as the rising sun dappled the fields in purple and lavender; the distant mountains a silent witness to God's miracles. Sitting before her holo-screen, Ziera sighed; with... Continue Reading →

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