Of Arts and Minds

Finally the kids were settled in the living room, sitting on the rug with their paints and pads. Who knew that babysitting four kids could be so taxing? If not for the pocket-money she needed to buy a new phone.. Speaking of phones, Angie took out mobile as she sprawled on the sofa, intending to... Continue Reading →

Red Light at Night

Image- unsplash After sunset, the bustling streets of the market transformed into the affairs of dark desire- the dutiful & virtuous paving the way for the immoral vices. She stood on the mouth of the alley, away from the red glow of nightlights. I've gotta take on a big client today. Or more, she calculated,... Continue Reading →

Tiny Tale #1

Pic by NEKNEERAJ Mom and dad were fighting again. Nothing new, as far as Siya was concerned. Initially, they'd only had a few major disagreements after getting back together. But this quarantine period saw them engaging in epic fights regularly and many a frangible items being sacrificed to prevent possible homicide. An independent woman with... Continue Reading →

Behind the Wall

MorgueFile April2020 de7d4bbd9d9bd75223d4b1456286f256 "I don't wanna explore this dump," cried a young girl of ten, as she was dragged past an old, wooden boundary wall with chipped off blue paint. Her adventurous younger sister had been curious about what lay behind the wall. Across the grass and feather strewn ground, Marina tried to wriggle out... Continue Reading →

Midnight Mischief

This is written for Sunday Photo Fiction. The challenge was to use the picture as inspiration to write a story in 200 words or less. Photo courtesy of Sue-Z Mind preoccupied, I exited my bedroom to tidy up the kitchen before checking on the kids and retiring for the night. But I happened upon the open... Continue Reading →

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