The Secret Spot

This is for Crispina's Crimson’s Creative Challenge #87. We have to respond with something creative in 150 words or less. CCC#87 She entered through the illustrated brass door into the secret spot, escaping the negotiations for the future investment conducted by her mother's team in the adjacent land. With tentative steps, she explored the place,... Continue Reading →

The Stairs Not Taken

Tatyana-Sanina at She stared at screen. The messaging app flashed his message, the notification bar showed his missed call. Glancing up from her phone, she looked around. She’d stopped at the intersection between the two subway routes. She smiled internally, just like her life. Monita knew she had to choose between the two options... Continue Reading →

A Soldier’s Moon

 Image by Aron Visuals in Shadib walked away from the camp fire and his comrades, towards a clearing in the heart of the Valley’s forest. A bunch of fatigued men, with dust clinging to their uniforms and traces of blood lingering around their fingers, sat around a make-shift bonfire, trading wine and stories. He’d refused... Continue Reading →

The Last Vow

 Christian Holzinger at Unsplash Viewer discretion: Insanity and gore warning. And no disrespect to any religion was intended. He didn’t know why she’d asked to meet at the old cottage. It had been years since his wife had even mentioned this property. She greeted him at the door with a smile, vastly different from the... Continue Reading →

Of Tales Forgotten

The open sky stretched from sand to horizon and the riders advanced on the oasis. The camp hosting the royal retinue was visible on the opposite side of the oasis. The group of black robe clad riders paused for a moment, before riding in sync towards the huge white tent, pitched for the Peace Treaty... Continue Reading →

A Royal New Beginning

This is for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #72 and Tale Weaver #282- New Start. Image from Davidoasa at Once again, she was at the palace; only this time, there would be no escape. Having sorted through all the official documents, signing and stamping them according to the protocol, she wandered along the main corridor.... Continue Reading →

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