Words and Meanings

Prompts I've combined these prompts: Shweta's Six Word Story Prompt where the theme is Miracle and MLMM's Saturday Mix where we have to use opposite words in our response – shelter and expose– consonant and vowel Magic of miracle depends on belief. A miracle unparalleled: birth of life Image- Jan at Unsplash If Shanti was ever asked... Continue Reading →

Vers Beaucoup

Written for MLMM's Saturday Mix- Lucky Dip where we have to write a Vers Beaucoup. The Vers Beaucoup, a poem for created by Curt Mongold, which is French for “many rhymes”. Each stanza consists of four lines with a rhyming word scheme of:a-a-a-a-b-b-b-c-c-c-d-d Each rhyme can only use a MAXIMUM of three words. The fourth... Continue Reading →

A Crosspatch?

Written for Saturday Mix- Rhyme Time, hosted by Mindlovemisery's Menagerie. ‘Rhyme Time’ focuses on the use of rhyme to build your writing piece. You will be given six rhyming words and need to use all of them (but not limited to these) in your response, which should be a poetry form of your choice.Our rhyming... Continue Reading →

My Valentine

Image by luizclas at Pexels I have loved you for a long timeSo, will you be my valentine?A ring on your finger bareTo show you my utmost careLet time's spell hold its swayAs we dance the night awayI have loved you for a long timeSo, will you be my valentine? Written for Mindlovemisery's Menagerie Saturday... Continue Reading →

Mindly Spirit

Unsplash image I walked ahead, following the bright rays streaming from the gaps between the canopies of the tall trees. I was getting tired, but something compelled me to forge ahead. My last memory had been of sitting before the fireplace, sipping brandy and finalising the seating arrangements; when I found myself alone, trekking in... Continue Reading →

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