1 Min Fiction #5

Stepping into the balcony wearing just his pyjama bottoms, Donald took in the sight of a girl leaning against the balustrade. Clad in his white shirt, cradling a cup of coffee, rumpled hair framing a sleepy face devoid of any cosmetics, the sunrays shining on her made her look ethereal.This girl, of his dreams. Sliding... Continue Reading →

The Sun and The Moon

These two poems were inspired by Go Dog Go Caf├ęs Tuesday Writing prompt- Catch the sunlight and Free Verse Revolution's August Writing prompt- Half moon shadows. Image from pixabay Sun and moonTwo halves of a whole;Eternally separatedUnited in farewell.The dusk bids adieuTo a weary dipping sun;As the twinkling twilight starsEmerge on a purpling sky.Dawn heralds... Continue Reading →

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