This is for Bikurgurl's 100 Word Wednesday #173. Days after the landslide, some of the shops at the local market were opened. A young lad came up to stand beside the fruit seller, offering him garden picked beautiful flowers. He accepted with a smile, patting the boy. Wishing him a good day, the boy departed;... Continue Reading →

Image- Bikurgurl They ride back home was tensed and silent. So, Kamala's interest was piqued when her usually soft-spoken mother launched into an angry diatribe. "How could you behave so atrociously, Dileep?" his wife hissed. "You turned their anniversary celebration into a ruckus, despite my request to let bygones be bygones." Dileep scoffed, as the... Continue Reading →

Tiny Tale #3

Image- Julian at Pexels "I can't believe that you used to ride on a scooty or that Aunt Riddhi had dyed her hair blonde!" Or even that you guys knew how to have fun, Mihika added mentally. Sitting in the conservatory, going through the album cataloguing her mom's adolescence, she was shocked. "Well, that was... Continue Reading →

Tiny Tale 2- #100WW

Image by¬†Bikurgurl Oh Sunlight! These humans are at it again. Urrgh! They carved their symbols right on my white, rugged belly. As if marking their territory on the soil, stones and forests wasn't enough; now they've started targeting the trees as well. Did I ask for a tattoo? And ironically, these symbols are a mark... Continue Reading →

Tiny Tale #1

Pic by NEKNEERAJ Mom and dad were fighting again. Nothing new, as far as Siya was concerned. Initially, they'd only had a few major disagreements after getting back together. But this quarantine period saw them engaging in epic fights regularly and many a frangible items being sacrificed to prevent possible homicide. An independent woman with... Continue Reading →

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