Their Tale

There was a tale. A tale of war, loss, love and hope. A tale of times past and present. A tale set in a place nowhere and everywhere. The tale of Tanya and Arim. They were the firmest of friends, running around the town on imaginary quests, despite repeated scoldings. Up the blue stone steps... Continue Reading →

A Soldier’s Moon

 Image by Aron Visuals in Shadib walked away from the camp fire and his comrades, towards a clearing in the heart of the Valley’s forest. A bunch of fatigued men, with dust clinging to their uniforms and traces of blood lingering around their fingers, sat around a make-shift bonfire, trading wine and stories. He’d refused... Continue Reading →

Of Tales Forgotten

The open sky stretched from sand to horizon and the riders advanced on the oasis. The camp hosting the royal retinue was visible on the opposite side of the oasis. The group of black robe clad riders paused for a moment, before riding in sync towards the huge white tent, pitched for the Peace Treaty... Continue Reading →

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