Crescendo- #WWP

Sammi Cox is the host for the Weekend Writing Prompt where we have to write a prose/poem within the specified wordcount. The theme this week is Crescendo- 37 words. When twilight whispers and evening rants became midnight's shout for justice;men in towers planned their feasts, other's plight ignored.As voices reached new crescendo, dragons were flown... Continue Reading →

Nomenclature- #WWP

"Still harping about the nomenclature issue?" Dr Sachdeva teased her colleague. "These politicians have buildings, parks, roads.. almost everything named after them. Why does this vaccine have to be named after the Minister?" Dr Awasti grouched, flopping down beside her on the couch. If not the researcher, then the team leader or hospital director would... Continue Reading →

"To my eldest grand-daughter, I leave my hunting cabin and to my youngest, I bequeath a letter and fond memories" The lawyer concluded the reading of his late client's will. "Atleast the senile man gave me property, even if it's that blasted cabin," Riya sneered. "Your darling grandpa left you nothing!" Letter… Like petals, material... Continue Reading →

Megalith- #WWP

Uncivilized, Unenlightened- we called those who were born before the dawn of civilization. Yet they lived in peace, cradled in nature's womb. They spoke not, but they expressed- through unrefined scratches in caves. And built with stones that which echoed with power throughout history of time. The giant megaliths. Written for Sammi Cox's Weekend Writing... Continue Reading →

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