In Search Of..

Image by Simon at Unsplash I left a tiny dwelling, in search of serenity,Braving the stormy seas, that tossed crafts adriftI ventured past forests vast, housing beings diverse. I met many-a-men, fiends and foes afew,The pious men, with reverence and devotionGuided me to God, to bask in His recollections. Climbing ashy mountains, down the valley... Continue Reading →


Photo by Pixabay on These moments in timea turn of the seasonWhen summer's fallen asleepand winter's yet to awaken. Into fall's handsfalls the yellow leaves Carried by autumn's breezea faint scent of monsoon bygone. As the frosty months of darknessloom above those hillsThe weakened sun slips bycasting a pallor bleak. So rejoice in the... Continue Reading →

From Reel To Real- #WDYS

"Cut it! Cut!" The director of this ad film screamed, rushing towards the model. This was the sixth interruption of the hour and Naman was certain that this project would drag on for two more days. So, there was a chance that he would have to miss out on the heritage collaboration assignment, if his... Continue Reading →

Those Twilight Memories

Image: Alex Fu at Pexels I stood still, on a road desertedHaving travelled far, still miles to goI look back not, as memories surroundIn twilight's silence, my midnight madness. I'd sampled love, under the cherry blossom treeAnd drowned my soul, in the whirlpools of lustUnafraid of thunder, I'd forged ahead Broke those rules, for you... Continue Reading →

Tiny Tale #4

PHOTO PROMPT © Ted Strutz Arrested for possessing drugs, used to dull his psychometric senses, Emmet was discharged; conditional to helping the police in certain cases. And his improved credibility had lead to his involvement in the case of death of a wealthy septuagenarian. Pain. Fear. Loneliness. Faint hope, clouded by immense disgust. The horrors of... Continue Reading →

Night and Day

Image Credits- Mansha A mischievous cowherd, he was lovingly called Shyam, for his dark evening complexion. She, with her lovely sun-kissed skin and unwavering devotion, was Radha Rani, the queen of his heart. Aeons ago in the gardens of Vrindavan, the crescent moon had borne witness to the bloom of their divine love. Dancing on... Continue Reading →

The Sun and The Moon

These two poems were inspired by Go Dog Go Cafés Tuesday Writing prompt- Catch the sunlight and Free Verse Revolution's August Writing prompt- Half moon shadows. Image from pixabay Sun and moonTwo halves of a whole;Eternally separatedUnited in farewell.The dusk bids adieuTo a weary dipping sun;As the twinkling twilight starsEmerge on a purpling sky.Dawn heralds... Continue Reading →

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