Dreaming Shadows

Creeping through crevicesThe shadows danceDislodging the dreamsTerror's tyranny traumatises. Fearing fracture My fragile psyche escapesInto the maze, trailing behindThese monsters of mindSoundless spirits, shrouded in shadeHaunt the hallwaysAs I walk through my day. But after darkMy defenceless dreamsFlicker and fragmentDissolve into dust. Longer and largerLooming in the lanesThey guide my destinyAs I wade through their... Continue Reading →


A late post for Go Dog Go Cafe's Tuesday Writing Prompt- Finish the phrase “You tried to ruin me, but I…” Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com "You tried to ruin me, but I wish to thank you for your efforts," Sneha spoke as she sat before him, forgoing any unnecessary small talk. Seven years later,... Continue Reading →

Change of Choice- 100WW

Two friends met after ages. "Let's hit the Red Dragon Inn, for old times sake. What say?" Steve suggested. They'd created some good memories there. After they'd drifted apart, circumstances had changed Bill. But good old Steve was still the same, planning to get drunk at 10 am. Besides, alcohol and medicines didn't mix well.... Continue Reading →

Dr. Galaxy

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com I love visiting Dr. Galaxy. Obviously, this wasn't his real name, but I liked to call him Dr. Galaxy. Not just because of his constellation themed office decor but the fact that he could talk about anything in the universe. From mice to spice to ice, about fashion and... Continue Reading →

August of My Dreams

The August of my dreams, had blood splattered on its seams But the tri-colour had flown so high, as our nascent nation like a butterfly Had spread its wings, ready for the golden springs. All our martyrs who were slain, on the path to freedom gain Their ideals have been left behind, for the new... Continue Reading →

The Touch

She'd come to the park for some peace and respite from the relentless memories haunting her. The fresh air and greenery should have cleared her mind, instead it just further burdened her. These benches reminded her of her dress that day, red with yellow polka dots. A happy five year old, excited for her uncle's... Continue Reading →

My Thoughts…

With too many people talking about the Covid-19 and being quarantined at home, I'd decided to avoid writing any post solely based on this. But Mindlovemisery's Menagerie Sunday Writing Prompt was Lockdown. What are you doing to stay sane? What would you like to be doing? It's been more than four months since India went... Continue Reading →

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