“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”   

Maya Angelou

3Line Tales #14

With pride she wore the colours of pride, her tales of sin painted upon her skin; Yet the sun in the sky and those mountains up high; Looked down on her same, just like all the other dames. Prompts This is written for Sonya’s Three Line Tales #279 where we have to write 3 lines…

Words and Meanings

Prompts I’ve combined these prompts: Shweta’s Six Word Story Prompt where the theme is Miracle and MLMM’s Saturday Mix where we have to use opposite words in our response – shelter and expose– consonant and vowel Magic of miracle depends on belief. A miracle unparalleled: birth of life If Shanti was ever asked to talk about her…

Crescendo- #WWP

Sammi Cox is the host for the Weekend Writing Prompt where we have to write a prose/poem within the specified wordcount. The theme this week is Crescendo- 37 words. When twilight whispers and evening rants became midnight’s shout for justice;men in towers planned their feasts, other’s plight ignored.As voices reached new crescendo, dragons were flown…

Tiny Tale #7

Two figures stood near the lake, beneath a tree. “It’s a strange play of nature.” Joanna commented wryly, peering at the overcast sky. ” ‘Twas a summer day when we met. Quite hot, wasn’t it?” Mike remembered that day quite well. The air conditioning had broken down at the cafe; but even flushed and sweaty…

1 Min Fiction #8

What did I not do to stop you from going away today? Scratched your hand, dropped a hairball or two all over your pristine suit, knocked over your coffee and chewed your bag strap. Still, you’re determined to leave me, huh? Now I’m gonna sit in front of your car and glare, till you don’t…


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