Trees- #100WW

Standing below the trees, in the woods behind my resort, I breathed in the fresh air. Away from my hectic life full of commitments and deadlines, I felt the surrounding silence soothe my soul. The cool breeze stirred the leaves, as though coaxing them of old secrets.

Bracket branches, reach for the sky;
Awaken viridians, rushling so high.
I wonder what they say;
In elation, they sway.

In my mind, I imagined them as jade torches. Protecting us, enduring the ever-changing climate and nature’s wrath- storms and floods. Yet, guiding us towards a higher level of existence- harmony and spirituality.

Written for 100 Word Wednesday hosted by Bikurgurl.

Other prompts: #FOWC– Climate; #RDP– Awaken; Word of the Day– Elation; #3TC– Bracket & Torch

Β© 2020, Cozy Quiet Corner.

21 thoughts on “Trees- #100WW

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  1. Guiding us…Yes! I love the idea of the trees guiding our gaze and our intention upward. Thank you so much for joining us this as we weave our 100 Words every Wednesday πŸ–€

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