Her Conduct

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“Mrs Wardner, there have been some concerns regarding your professional conduct,” came the prim voice of her boss’s superior as she sat down in a swanky private office.

Sally looked suspiciously to the man standing beside the dour faced woman before her. Her boss looked smug.

“Firstly, your whereabouts are-“
“-I’ve a weak constitution, madam. I’m prone to illness,” Sally interrupted. “But Mr Addison has used this to repeatedly target me.”

Addison heaved a long suffering breath. “This is rubbish, you faitour. You bunk off to attend those crackpot group meetings.” He had eye-witnesses, if later he needed to corroborate this accusation.
Upon seeing his superior’s frown, Addison explained in a lower voice, “Mrs Wardner has been known to take off on some odd days, like 13th the Friday, new moons and others based on superstition and other such nonsense.”

“Listen here mister,” a red faced Sally cried out, “Every fool knows Friday the 13th is unlucky.”

“Secondly,” the other woman continued before they diverged further from the topic of the meeting, “as we are in the line of customer service, we strictly ensure that all our employees wear their uniform. And your wardrobe leaves much to be desired.”

“A little accessory never hurt no one.” Eyerolling and shrugging, Sally Wardner played with her big evil-eye pendant, the numerous indigenous stone bracelets on her wrists jingling with the movement.

Lips pursed at the floor attendant’s defiant attitude, the straight-laced woman came to a decision.

“Since we do not endorse such unprofessional conduct among our employees, we encourage you to seek an alternate employment, Mrs Wardner.”
Maybe one that caters to all your whimsical antics, she thought as the recently fired employee flipped them off before sashaying away.

Written for Go Dog Go Café: Tuesday Writing Prompt– Pick 3 of your favourite words beginning with the letter “W” and use in any form of writing.

Other prompts: #FOWC– Endorse; #YDWP– Diverge; #RDP– Eyerolling; #3TC– Unlucky, & Superstition; Word of the Day– Faitour; Daily Spur- Target

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