Written for Donna's Sunday Photo Prompt. Here is this week’s photo, your challenge is to use the picture as inspiration to write a story in 300 words or less. Photo courtesy of Morguefile Leaning against a tree trunk, the lanky boy watched two figures approach him, the basket-ball captain and his girlfriend. "Did you get them, big... Continue Reading →

Image by Jr Korpa at Unsplash Introspection Inward glance, I walk along mind's dusty lanesInner sanctum churns, trapped beneath icy idealsImprisoned instinct festers, caged in ivory wallsImpaled memories surface, wounds weeping redInfected emotions flood, invading psyche's tenetsInterred images, once immune to incitement, now invite impure intentionsIdentity, born of insanity This is my first attempt at... Continue Reading →

Mystical Moon

Image- Benjamin @ Unsplash The mystical allure of moonenchants midnight gazes,Cradled in night's cocoonindulged in ardor's grace;She lures with nightingale's croonre-uniting lovers in pain,Symbolising hope she grants boonsadorned in imperfect stain. Luminescent spirit sparking lagoonshe carves path pitched dark,Her magic drawn in runesoothes souls in healing spark. At her sight we swoonglorified in ballads ancient,At... Continue Reading →

A Deal for the Throne

Image- Edmond @Pexels The deal was important for her organisation, there was no doubt about it. But as the negotiations kept dragging beyond their estimated timeline, she gradually became aware that this client, who no doubt fancied themselves as their biggest rival in the market, were pushing her boundaries simply to see her, the new... Continue Reading →

Sapphire Stardust

Image from Unsplash Crafted in precision, a galactic compositionOmnipotent, He vivified this everlasting creationSetting the stage, sentience to civilization.Macrocosm, prodigious; just beyond our cognizanceOmniscient, they harbour fathomless sapienceSapphire Stardust, glittering their presence. Written for Eugi's Weekly Prompt- Cosmos and Go Dog Go Cafe's Tuesday Writing Prompt- Sapphire Stardust. © 2020, Cozy Quiet Corner.

Autumn Leaf Farewell

Image by Zach at Unsplash When death comes for meI shall be free,Rigor shall set its paceWhen last sparks peter out in grace. Adorn me not in jewelsNor cover the corpse with blooms,Stage me not in a roomLet there not be gloom. Worn by temporal painI left to dance in the rain;These invisible scars in... Continue Reading →

A Moment of Passion

Written for Tuesday Writing Challenge for Go Dog Go Cafe. Prompt: Write a piece of prose or poetry that ends with in the end, we were just a moment. I'm very late in posting this poem, but I'd written bits and pieces of it, and left it in my drafts. And then I got busy with... Continue Reading →

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